Friday, September 18, 2009

Warp Coils Made Simple

Before you set up your Mirrix Loom, you will need to install a warp coil either just on the top or, if you are using the bottom spring kit, the identical coil on the bottom as well.

The larger looms come with four warp coils (the smaller two looms come with just one 14 dent coil).

So how do you tell those coils apart?  Simple:  The shortest coil is the 8 dent coil.  The next coil is the 12 dent coil, the third longest coil is the 14 dent coil and the longest coil is the 18 dent coil.

So how do you know what coil to use.  Again, this is easy to determine.  We do include a chart of recommended coil size as it relates to beads.  For tapestry, you need to determine how many warps you want to have per inch.  Choose a corresponding coil.

Back to bead weaving:  Put one linear inch of the beads you will be using on a needle.  Count how many beads there on in that inch.  Give or take a dent or so, that will be the recommended coil for you to use.  For example, there are 18 size 11/0 Delicas in a linear inch, hence you would use the 18 dent coil for Delicas.  You could, however, get away with using the 16 dent coil.

There are 14 11/0 seed beads in a linear inch (okay, so I didn't make up the numbers and have no idea why there are not 11 11/0 seed beads in a linear inch).  You would use the 14 dent coil to weave those beads.

You can buy coils in the following sizes:  8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and22.  Those higher numbers are for 15/0 seed beads and those of you who like to weave really fine tapestry.

Before you order all the coils, keep in mind that one coil can be used for several different setts.  For example, the 8 dent coil can be warped at every other dent to become a 4 dent coil.  10 becomes 5.  12 becomes 4, 6 or 12.  14 divides into 7 (my favorite dent for tapestry) and 18 divides into 9 or 6.  I believe that the coils we include with the shedding device looms cover most of what you will need for bead weaving or tapestry.

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