Friday, September 18, 2009

Pull and Pray or Tape and Tug

Aptly renamed by Jeri, who used to call it "pull and pray", the tape and tug method requires that you tape down your piece (good strong packing tape . . . not some whimpy stuff) making sure to cover all of your beads, but don't press it down so much that you also stick your warp. I didn't have that problem but imagine one could.

If you do not cut your piece off the loom, the warp threads will be continuous and hence, because there is no risk of piercing your warp with your needle, you can pul that warp all the way through cretig four finished edges.

Start pulling from the middle out, which means choose a pair of warp threads and pull it until the opposite end is snug against the beads. Then go to the other end of the weaving and pull on that thread so it's snug against the beads. Your warp is going to get longer and longer and you might want to stop after an inch or so and sew in those ends.

If you use two spools of warp when you warp your loom this method works great. If you've only used one spool of warp, the two threads that are in one dent will be going in opposite directions and will have to be pulled individually. This is not the recommended route. So if you are going to do the tape and tug method (I love that name, Jeri) please use two spools of warp.

Additional comments from Jane Overman:  I usually start in the middle of the bracelet. Put the project on the table flat and start in the middle. Go one direction and then the other. Pull one thread til it's snug against the bead. Follow it down to the other end and pull that thread thru to the opposite end. keep going til all threads are at one end or the other. If you get to a snag and it won't pull easily leave it alone and go to the next thread.  (note from Claudia:  you can then weave that thread in later)

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