Sunday, February 14, 2010

Putting on heddles made easy

New discovery:  putting on heddles not only made easy, but also to avoid making any mistakes.  I discovered this just before teaching the two women you will meet on the main blog.  One woman wanted to warp her loom for a nine inch wide piece.  She had never warped a Mirrix Loom for bead weaving before.  We also had a major time constraint.  Using this method she did not make one error.

For the purpose of being able to clearly see the illustrations, I have used thick warp in every other dent of the eight inch coil.  This method is for bead weaving using the shedding device.  There are two warps in every dent.

This is how you do it.

Insert the thin metal bar that is later inserted in the spring to prevent the warps from jumping out when you advance your weaving.

Tie the rod to the top beam so that it stays balanced while you put on the heddles.

Wrap a heddle around the first warp that is above the bar.

Hook heddles onto top bar on shedding device.  Continue doing this with all the warps that are above the inserted metal bar.

Once you have put heddles on every warp that is on top of the inserted bar, rotate the shedding device away from you so that the heddles are now on the bottom (the old method had you attach a heddle to the top bar and then one to the bottom bar).  You will then be attaching heddles to the warps that are behind the inserted metal bar.  It might be helpful to use a crochet hook to grab the warp.  Make sure it is to the right of the warp which already has a heddle around it.  Place a heddle around this warp and hook onto shedding device bar.

Voila. Franc is very pleased with himself.