Friday, September 10, 2010

Mirrix Tapestry/Bead Cuff

Mirrix Tapestry/Bead Cuff

This kit contains the following:

Brass cuff one inch wide
C-Lon Cord
Various yarns
8/0 and 11/0 seed beads

Necessary tools not included in the kit:

A Mirrix Loom with shedding device and a ten dent warp coil.
A piece of cloth for holding beads; a beading needle, a blunt edge needle;
glue that will bond metal to fiber; scissor

Warping your Mirrix Loom:

Warping method:  for tapestry, one thread of C-Lon cord per dent
Warp Coil size:  10 dents
Number of warps:  15
Finished length of piece:  7 inches

You can use any of the Mirrix Looms with shedding devices to create this lovely bracelet.

Reduce your loom’s height to minimize the amount of warp you will use.  If you have a larger Mirrix Loom, this can be accomplished by using the extra warping bar.   I like to weave a piece on both the left and right side of the loom at the same time.


Weave a header about a quarter inch long using the C-Lon cord.

You will be weaving straight lines of thread and beads.  You decide the order.  The threads in this kit all look beautiful together.  In the below piece I am using two threads at a time for a more interesting color effect. Make sure that you do not pull too tight when you wrap around the edges so that your edges remain straight.

(Note:  it is helpful to buy one of the tapestry books on our site if you are not familiar with weaving yarn or want to learn a variety of tapestry techniques.)

To weave the beads, thread a ten inch length of beading thread into a beading needle.  Tie an overhand knot.  You will be using this needle with a loop of beading thread to thread the 8/0 beads onto your yarn.  Loop the end of the last piece of yarn you’ve woven through thread on the needle.  Pick up 14 beads with your needle and slide those beads down the beading thread and onto one of the yarns. (Remember, I was using two pieces of yarn for the tapestry part but only threaded the beads onto one of the threads.)

Weave the yarn with the beads, placing one bead between each thread.

Weave the empty thread above the beads.  In this case I then join that thread with the second and thread and continue weaving.

When you’ve almost reached seven inches, weave about a quarter inch of  the C-Lon bead cord. To remove the weaving from the loom, loosen the tension on the loom and remove the warp bar. Lay your piece flat and trim the ends so that you have at least four inches left to work with (the longer the better).  Tie overhand knots with warp pairs.  When you’ve tied all the knots, trim the warp to about an inch in length.


Ultrasuede:  Lay the beadwork on the Ultrasuede and trace the outline of the tapestry onto the Ultrasuede.  Trim the Ultrasuede to match the size of the beadwork. 


Use a toothpick to spread a thin, even layer of adhesive over the back of the tapestry and to one side of the Ultrasuede.  Place the brass cuff blank between the two and sandwich them together.  Smooth both pieces to remove any gaps and make sure they two pieces are aligned.

Edging:  Cut a yard length of C-Lon thread.  Bury the end between a corner of the beadwork and the Ultrasuede.  You will begin a pico stitch by entering the back of the tapestry, picking up three 11/0 beads and sewing through the ultrasuede.
Continue sewing the back and front together with three beads per stitch. 

Wear and enjoy!

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